Into Action Treatment is a unique client-centered substance abuse facility located in sunny and warm Boynton Beach, South Florida. We specialize in working with hopeless variety alcoholics and addicts.

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I was an addict of the hopeless variety. I had sold my house, my property, and a car. I watched my wife and daughter walk out. Then in desperation I found Into Action. With the help of the therapists and Andrey, I was finally able to get clean and experience a psychic change. I now have a wonderful life, and I have my family back. I owe my life to Into Action!

Lawson D. (Alumni)

Into Action has long been considered one of the premiere Florida drug rehab facilities because it offers its clients the option of using acupuncture as an effective detoxing method for addicts and alcoholics.

Art Therapy

Addiction is a complex disease that often has roots in various areas of a person’s life. When it comes to recovering from addiction, self-expression is beneficial to the healing process.

Family Support

One of the most difficult parts of life when a family member is struggling with substance abuse is figuring out how to both help the sufferer as well as the family.

Relapse Prevention

We understand how difficult it is to overcome addiction; it’s a tough road with many bumps along the way. There will probably be times when individuals will stumble and fall; they may even find themselves regressing to old habits.

We strive to enhance our clients' quality of life through the highest standards of personal support and professional care. We believe that recovery is a process. It's a journey, not an "Event". Long-term addiction recovery takes time, hard work, and dedication.

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Into Action Treatment Alcohol and Drug Rehab

Into Action Treatment is a unique client-centered rehab facility located in sunny and warm Boynton Beach, South Florida. We specialize in helping individuals who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, especially those who have tried other programs and relapsed.

Into Action Treatment’s whole team, including the CEO, has an open-door policy that provides a sincere feeling of compassion and family. Hugs are welcome here. We believe that with rigorous action, close work with the primary therapist and a sponsor, involvement in all of our center’s group activities, intense family counseling, and a holistic approach, one can change and recover.

Into Action Treatment

Why Choose Into Action Drug Rehab?

  • Dynamic, knowledgeable, and compassionate team of trained professionals who are among the best in the drug rehab field.
  • Using the original Big Book Step Study approach of 12-step recovery, the focus is on powering through the turbulent emotions that arise during a comprehensive personal search and the fear of making these known to someone else.
  • Into Action Treatment utilizes progress-based treatment; the average stay is more than 75 days,  depending on motivation and progress, which gives ownership of the recovery process to the client, not the insurance company.
  • Excellent counselor-to-client ratio. No more than six clients per master-level counselor.
  • Powerful and dynamically trained consultants provide authentic art therapy, psychodrama, aerobics and movement, and nutritional education.
  • Holistic therapies from allied health professionals, which include an acupuncturist, massage therapist, chiropractor, and Reiki master.
  • Intensive family therapy process, inviting the family to be an instrument in the band of family reunification. We hold weekly family sessions with our counselors and family weekends every 45 days.
  • Around-the-clock access to the CEO, who actively contributes in the recovery development process from education to the creative development of each client to scheduling much needed excursions for sober leisure activities.
  • Treatment costs tailored to be affordable and often well below the cost of many other programs. 

Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Into Action is a drug and alcohol rehab facility located in sunny Florida. We use a holistic addiction treatment philosophy because we believe it is important for the entire individual to heal in order to return to a sense of normalcy. In order to meet every client’s unique needs, we offer different types of addiction therapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy, nutrition therapy, art therapy, family therapy, and psychodrama therapy. We have alcohol and drug treatment programs for individuals struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism, and co-occurring disorders.

Into Action stands firm on utilizing the original format of how the first 100 alcoholics recovered in 1939. WE DO RECOVER is our motto!

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